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Rol-Rite Knurls
Everyone at Roll-Rite, Inc. works to serve your account quickly and accurately.  We stock a large assortment of knurls for same day shipping. Special knurls can be manufactured to your blueprint.

Rol-Rite Knurls are made to extremely high standards from the finest material  available. The care and precision used in their manufacturing assure the user of
a premium quality tool. The High Speed Knurl, lapped to a smooth hard finish will
give longer life and impart a smooth clean surface to the knurled part.
Left hand knurling produced by right hand knurls.  Right hand knurling produced by left hand knurls.  Male diamond knurling produced by right hand and left hand knurls used in pairs.  Male diamond knurls produce female diamond patterns.

 All stock knurls are made from high speed steel and without bevels.  When requested bevels will be furnished without added cost.
Rol-Rite Precision Lapped Knurls
Rol-Rite Lathe Knurls & Knurl Pins
When ordering special knurls please furnish blueprint of knurl desired, or specific information as outlined below:
1. Outside diameter of knurl.
 2. Overall width of knurl.
 3. Size of hole in knurl.
 4. Dimension of any shoulders desired,      
     giving width and diameter of each.
 5. Knurl pattern, straight, diagonal, male or
     female diamond. Diagonal or diamond 
     teeth normally cut with a 30 degree
 6. Number of teeth on knurl. An odd
     number of teeth is usually preferred over
    an even number.
 7. Tooth angle 70 degree or 90 degree for   
     circular pitch and 80 degree for 
     diametral pitch.

(We can reference a chart for approximate increase in diameter.)