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We are ready to quote your knurl needs. 
Our turn around for standard knurls that are in stock is 1-2 business days and 4-8 weeks for specials.

ROL-RITE SPECIAL KNURLSWhen ordering special knurls please furnish blueprint of knurl desired or specific information as outlined below:1.  Outside diameter of knurl.2.  Overall width of knurl. 3.  Size of hole in knurl.
4.  Dimension of any shoulders desired, giving width and diameter of each.
5.  Knurl pattern, straight, diagonal, or male diamond (we have discontinued the female diamond tooling).  Diagonal or diamond teeth normally cut with a 30 degree helix.
6.  Number of teeth on knurl.  An odd number of  teeth is usually preferred over an even number.
7.  Tooth angle 70 degree or 90 degree for circular  pitch and 80 degree for diametral pitch. 

Feel free to email us @ customerservice@rollriteinc.com with your request and we will respond quickly.Thank you for your interest!